Idaho's Economic Engine

Downtown Boise is an economic driver fueling a fast-growing regional economy supplying jobs and both public and private investment. The density, mix of uses and vibrant streets create an energy attractive to the most talented workers. The Downtown Boise economy also creates a mighty tax base that supports commerce and neighborhood services throughout the region. While any healthy, successful city will develop multiple growth centers, the economic activity occurring in Downtown Boise radiates prosperity and shares its success like few others.

While the value of Downtown Boise is even greater than the sum of its parts, those parts are pretty impressive! Unique, locally owned shops and restaurants mix Idaho products with world class offerings. You’ll sip Idaho wine, local craft beer, slow-drip coffee or gourmet tea surrounded by others captivated by a place that invites and inspires. You’ll begin to think of all the ways you can share this delightful experience with others. That’s the feeling you’ll get only in Downtown Boise.

Boise’s foothills, with miles of biking and hiking trails are a short ride from our walkable urban center. The Boise River and nearly 300 acres of parks run through our downtown, with rafting, fishing and 25 miles of greenbelt to enjoy. Educators work with downtown businesses to train and supply employees who earn competitive salaries. A growing number of conference attendees mingle with downtown residents to energize sidewalk cafes and farmers markets.

The Downtown Boise Association is honored to be a partner in what keeps our city and downtown a special place people want to be: welcoming, clean, colorful, safe yet bustling, and buzzing with the energy of opportunity and innovation.  Our role is to connect you with information to keep this vital economic engine churning, to help you welcome the next wave of visitors and to provide opportunity for the next generation of Idahoans.

Downtown Boise is indeed a rare and special gem.

Thank you for your support.