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Downtown Boise is Idaho’s most robust economic growth center; the state’s dynamic hub for business, employment, arts and entertainment. Since 1987, the Downtown Boise Association has worked to keep Boise a healthy, happening, innovative and inspired city by building both business and community in the heart of this amazing city - Downtown. How do we do it? Through traffic driving events, enticing promotions, engaged marketing, keeping businesses updated with crucial information, advocating and serving as the business liaison with city clean and safe programs. DBA efforts are aimed at keeping Downtown Boise clean, safe, attractive, welcoming and competitive.

The DBA Mission is to build value through vibrancy.

The Downtown Boise business community established the DBA in 1987 to help downtown stay clean, safe, vibrant, desirable and competitive. The DBA is authorized by the City of Boise to manage the Downtown Boise Business Improvement District.

A Business Improvement District is a publicly sanctioned, privately directed organization that supplements public service to improve shared, geographically defined, outdoor public spaces. More than 1,000 BIDs exist in the US, and are common in downtowns to enhance the safety, cleanliness, image and competitiveness of city centers.

60 square blocks: State Street to the north, 13th Street to the west, Myrtle Street to the south, to 6th Street north to Front, east on Front Street, with 5th Street the east district boundary.

Business members

A business that rents space in the Business Improvement District is a DBA member. There are approx. 700 DBA business members that vary greatly in size and scope. 300+ DBA business members are street-level retail, restaurant, and retail service merchants.

Map of Downtown Boise Business Improvement District

Property Owners
All property owners in the district are DBA members. All properties, with the exception of residential and government, are subject to an annual assessment from the City of Boise that supports BID services. For 2018, BID Assessments are paid by 178 property owners and equal 51% of the DBA budget.  The DBA leverages those dollars two-to-one with event income and event sponsorships to complete marketing, programming, and service funding.

Associate members
The DBA also maintains an active group of Associate members who see value in DBA programs and contribute voluntarily to the DBA. A $300 for-profit or $250 non-profit annual fee allows Associate members to take advantage of and participate in DBA promotions.

Keeping Downtown Boise a success place to do business and celebrate community is definitely a group effort. If your business is located in the boundaries of the Downtown Boise Business Improvement District, good news! You’re a member of the DBA!

Benefits of Membership with the Downtown Boise Association Include:

  • Downtown Map & Directory Business Listing: The DBA updates, prints, and distributes more than 70,000 DBA-member Map & Directories annually. The guides are used by downtown merchants, gift card purchasers, hotels, conference attendees, the Boise Airport, regional visitor centers, Boise State University, and the Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce.
  • Business Landing Page on Our website is a dynamic portrait of downtown that includes a robust event calendar and individual business landing pages, complete with hours, location, and colorful photos. You’ll see referenced in all DBA marketing pieces.
  • Downtown Boise Gift Cards: Since 2003, more than $3.5 million has been invested back into downtown business through the Downtown Boise gift card. DBA Associate Members may join approximately 300 businesses who accept the gift card. Members who participate in the gift card program are noted in the Map & Directory and at 
  • DBA Event & Promotion Participation: We do a lot to make downtown Boise the place to be - including First Thursday, Dine Out Downtown Boise Restaurant WeekFather’s Day Car Show, Small Business Saturday, Winter Window Walk, and more. These DBA-produced events and promotions are designed to build our downtown community by connecting members with new customers and other downtown businesses.
  • Social Connections: Stay connected to us and fans of downtown by following us on our social media channels – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Additionally, when you join the DBA you’ll receive weekly DBA e-newsletters that have information on what’s happening downtown, opportunities for event and promotion participation, road work and construction updates, etc.
All these benefits are provided at no charge to businesses located inside the Downtown Boise Business Improvement District (BID). All properties located in the district are subject to an annual assessment from Boise City.

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