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Business Improvement District

A Business Improvement District is a publicly sanctioned, yet privately directed organization that supplements public service to improve shared, geographically defined, outdoor public spaces. BIDs enhance the safety, cleanliness, image and competitiveness of city centers.

There are at least 1,000 BIDs in the United States with six located in Idaho.

Under Idaho Statute, Title 50 Municipal Corporations is Chapter 26 that defines Business Improvement Districts in the State of Idaho.

On June 23, 1987 the Mayor and City Council of Boise passed Resolution # 9293 declaring inter alia the intent of the City of Boise to create a Downtown Business Improvement District, and by resolution of the Mayor and Council adopted the resolution. The boundaries of the Downtown Business Improvement District are 5th to 13th, State to Myrtle St.

Pursuant to Idaho Code section 50-2611, the City designated the Downtown Boise Association to administer the operation of the Downtown Business Improvement District. The ordinance was signed by City Council on July 7, 1987 and  was updated in 2012. The current ordinance is #6870

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Idaho Code

City Ordinance

All properties located in the district are subject to an annual assessment from Boise City. Non-government businesses in government owned buildings and privately owned commercial condos are billed directly.  The DBA also maintains an active group of Associate members who contribute voluntarily to the DBA.

Downtown Boise BID & Boundaries Map

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