Who's Responsible For What and Important Phone Numbers

If you have a question or want to report an issue related to sidewalk cleaning, trash removal, flower planters, banners, snow removal or other downtown maintenance concerns, contact: or use our contact form and we'll contact the responsible party.

Clean Team

The “Clean Team” cleans sidewalks seven days a week. In the more social areas of downtown their cleaning duties get downright dirty. In their daily services they watch for anything out of place and public hazards that could cause a health risk, placing priority on those situations in order to keep downtown a clean and safe place to enjoy.

Flower Program

Each year over 400 flower planters are planted and maintained in the downtown area.  The planning process begins in December and coordination of the planting involves 20 people, from switching out old soil to the finished installation. Once they are planted in late May then the challenges begin, watering, pinching back, deadheading, litter removal, fertilization, insect diagnosis and eradication are all critical in order to create the easy on the eye.

Snow Removal

Snow Removal is the responsibility of the property owner. The DBA provides supplemental snow removal from downtown sidewalks whenever 1” or more snow accumulates. Valley Regional Transit is responsible for snow removal in the transit mall on Main and Idaho streets to provide safe access to and from buses and shelters.

Downtown Banners

The DBA coordinates the installation of street banners promoting events and cultural activities downtown Boise. For information, reservations or questions on fees associated with displaying event  banners downtown, please contact Karlee May at 208-472-5251 or

Downtown Safety

The DBA works very closely with the Boise City Police department on the Downtown Safety Programs. The safety programs identify specific location and schedules of the downtown patrols. Special BPD patrols include the Foot and Bike and patrols that manage day and evening activity. Because downtown has such an active nightlife, the DBA has worked closely with BPD to develop the "Cruise Patrol" and the "Bar Patrol". Each of theses special patrols target special issues needed to keep the downtown streets safe 24 hours a day for business owners, residents and visitors.

Service Resources

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