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Dear Business Owners, Managers and Employees:

As the seasons change and we head into cooler weather, building and property maintenance is important to upkeep ensuring that we keep our community, neighbors, and each other safe. Please be aware of the following maintenance services that are the responsibility of individual property owners during the Fall and Winter seasons. The Downtown Maintenance Team (DMT) will aid and support businesses and property owners as detailed below to ensure our downtown continues to be a clean, safe, and vibrant place.

Fall Responsibilities

Leaf Removal and Recycling
Property owners and first floor business owners are responsible for keeping sidewalks and doorways free and clear of leaves. Please do not blow leaves into the street as this causes storm drains to clog.
• Email DMT at and request recyclable leaf bags. They will bring them to you free of charge!
• Fill the bags and leave them near green garbage receptacle in front of business on the sidewalk. They will be picked up and recycled during regular scheduled pickup time.
• Bags left in alleyways by personal dumpsters will not be picked up.
• Again, do not blow leaves into the street as this causes storm drains to clog.
Street Tree Maintenance, Replacement, and Irrigation
Ensure your building is ready for the upcoming holiday season! Check any outdoor electrical outlets, especially in tree grates in front of your building, to ensure they are working properly and there are no exposed wires. To minimize the risk of freeze damage, property owners are also responsible for turning off irrigation and/or winterizing each building’s irrigation system.

Winter Responsibilities

Snow Removal
Property owners and tenants are responsible for snow removal and de-icing sidewalks per Boise City Code 9-08-07, 7-5-5.
Best Practices:
Clear doorways, and create a walkway a single blade width wide, approximately 36”, down sidewalks.
• Do not place snow around parking meters or within access to vehicle parking.
• Snow should not be pushed into the street. This causes storm drains to clog and creates pools of water at pedestrian crosswalks.
• Keep any ice melt material out of tree wells and planting areas.
• Do not use rock salt or sand on any sidewalk surface - especially brick.
We appreciate the collective efforts of community members, property owners, and visitors to continuously make Downtown Boise clean, safe, and welcoming to everyone. DMT and DBA are here to help and provide support. Please contact us at or with questions, concerns, or issues.
Downtown Boise Association Team