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Downtown Boise is a place to explore. Find a new adventure, spark creativity, make connections, and be a part of Boise’s vibrant culture where all are welcome.

DBA 101 - Who & What is Downtown Boise Association

Description: With the help of our partners at DuckClub and Humpin' Hannahs, this fun video highlights and summarizes all the services provided to our members and Business Improvement District. This video also shines a spot light on our Downtown Maintenance Team, the folks that ensure Downtown Boise is clean, safe, and vibrant for everyone. 

What is the DBA?

The (DBA) is a membership bases non-profit 501(c) 6 Corporation that's authorized by the City of Boise to manage the Downtown Boise Business Improvement District (BID). We’re "placemakers", tasked with keeping downtown Boise’s public spaces clean, safe, vibrant, and attractive, giving those who invest here a greater opportunity for success.

The Downtown Boise business community established the DBA in 1987 to help downtown stay clean, safe, vibrant, desirable and competitive. The DBA is authorized by the City of Boise to manage the Downtown Boise Business Improvement District.

Our goal at the Downtown Boise Association is to keep Boise a healthy, happening, innovative and inspired city by keeping Boise’s downtown the place people want to be to build business and celebrate community.

Why do the BID and DBA exist?

The economic activity in Downtown Boise plays a crucial role in the growth and prosperity of Southwest Idaho and, to some extent, the entire state. With a significant concentration of jobs, diverse businesses, arts, culture, and entertainment, Downtown Boise serves as a key revenue generator for local governments through various taxes. This revenue is vital for funding essential public services that communities throughout the region depend on. The Downtown Boise Business Improvement District (BID), managed by the Downtown Boise Association (DBA), is dedicated to maintaining a thriving downtown economy, making it a successful hub for business, residence, investment, and celebration.

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Who are Members of the DBA?

The DBA has three types of members:

  • Property Owners inside the BID.
  • Businesses inside the BID.
  • Businesses just outside the BID, also known as Associate Members.

The Downtown Boise BID includes the area bounded by 5th to State Street, 13th to Myrtle Street, up 6th to Front Street, and back to 5th.

What specifically does the DBA do?
The Downtown Boise Association (DBA) consistently endeavors to enhance the economic vitality and communal vibrancy of Boise's downtown. By prioritizing advocacy for sustained economic success, the DBA plays a pivotal role in driving and catalyzing growth, job creation, and opportunities within the City of Boise and the broader Treasure Valley region. Employing strategic marketing initiatives, the DBA positions downtown as an appealing destination for both residents and tourists. This includes the orchestration of signature events that not only draw foot traffic to local businesses but also spotlight the rich diversity of Boise's esteemed downtown. Additionally, the DBA serves as an informative hub, ensuring the downtown community stays abreast of events that may be of interest or have an impact on them.

Membership Benefits

Advocacy: The DBA is recognized by Boise City Council as an advocate for Downtown Boise, that enables the DBA to take a leadership role in discussions on issues that impact the growth and direction of Boise’s urban downtown core. The DBA provides valuable data and input on the impact proposed projects may have on maintaining the success of any or all of downtown’s critical sectors, including retail business, arts and culture, entertainment, professional services, student and residential communities. The DBA is a key partner for the City of Boise, Capital City Development Corporation, the Boise Valley Economic Partnership, the Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce, the Boise Convention and Visitors Bureau, Boise State University, and others, to promoting and developing Downtown Boise as a successful place for building both business and community.

Maintenance: The DBA partners with the City of Boise Parks and Recreation Department to manage the Downtown Maintenance Team. The DMT picks up where regular maintenance services leave off, removing trash and keeping sidewalks in the BID clean 7 days a week.

The DBA keeps streetscapes beautiful by planting more than 530 flower planters located throughout the BID. Streetlamp banners and downtown’s beautiful holiday lighting is also managed by the DBA.

Beautification & Maintenance

Events: The DBA produces signature downtown events including Alive After Five, the City of Boise Tree Lighting Celebration, First Thursday, Dine Out Downtown Restaurant Week, Capitol Table, Father’s Day Car Show, Winter Window Walk, and City Santa. DBA events are meant to bring people downtown to celebrate community while increasing exposure for shops, services and restaurants. DBA events also generate revenue used to market downtown as an exciting destination and maintain downtown services.

DBA Events

Promotions & Marketing: The DBA promotes downtown Boise as a destination to enjoy unique shopping, amazing dining, tasting and sipping, and the rich variety of arts and entertainment found only in Downtown Boise. Promotions include Shop Small Saturday, Gameday Shuttle, Taste of Downtown, free map and guides for visitors and businesses, gift card program, and a comprehensive website.

Member Resources

How is the DBA Funded?

The DBA is funded by event and sponsorship revenue, grants, and assessments. Assessments are paid by each commercial property owner in the BID as mandated by Boise City Code . Residential and government property owners benefit from BID services as well, but are not required to pay into the business improvement district. Assessments pay for much of the core services like trash pick up, flower planter maintenance (more than 530 planters throughout the BID), streetlamp banner installation, holiday lighting, and other programs that keep downtown clean, attractive and safe.

Event income supports production of the events themselves, and supports DBA efforts to market and attract people to Boise's downtown.