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Maintenance & Services

Downtown Boise has continuously been recognized for how clean and safe the city feels due to the collective efforts of community members, property owners, and visitors. As members of Downtown Boise, we all play a vital role in maintaining the vibrancy of our city. Listed below are maintenance services that are the responsibility of individual property owners throughout the year in part with City Code. The Downtown Maintenance Team (DMT) will aid and support businesses and property owners as detailed below to ensure our downtown continues to be a clean, safe, and vibrant place.

Downtown Property & Business Owner Responsibilities

Some property and business owner responsibilities include:

  • Street tree grate maintenance: irrigation, outlets, and holiday lights.
  • Alleyway maintenance.
  • Hazardous signs on buildings
  • Cleanliness of overflowing alley dumpsters and property trash cans.
  • Pest control and greenspace maintenance.
  • Graffiti on buildings or property:
    It is the building owner’s responsibility remove the graffiti. Call Boise Police Dispatch 208-377-6790 if issue continues to persist. 
  • Clean sidewalks from any trash trails and debris. 
  • Seasonal maintenance:

Downtown Maintenance Team (DMT) Responsibilities

Some DMT maintenance responsibilities include:

  • DBA owned flower planter maintenance in correspondence with DBA contractor.
  • Streetlamp banner maintenance.
  • Street bollards.
  • Downtown parks and public restrooms
  • Tree grates maintenance: tree pruning, tree trimming, and broken grates. 
    • Missing or broken trees are responsibility of City Parks & Recreation, Forestry Department.
  • Bicycle racks, benches, parking meters, missing street or sidewalk bricks, miscellaneous construction items. 
  • Litter and City trash cans.
    • Large and heavy items that need to be disposed of, please utilize property dumpsters. Refrain from leaving items on sidewalks and around City cans.
  • Blocked storm drains.
  • Seasonal maintenance.

Maintenance issues and concerns can be submitted to DBA at or Downtown Maintenance Team (DMT) at We will address all submissions as soon as possible. For emergencies, please call 9-1-1 or non-emergency Boise Police dispatch 208-377-6790.