Zoom Event - Daryl & Kaelyn Dean

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  • Saturday, Sep 25, 2021 11:00am-12:00pm


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Come celebrate dance, movement, and freedom with us on Zoom as we chat with Daryl & Kaelyn Dean of Once Upon A Dance studios

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About the Book

Dancing Shapes is a unique book for young dancers. Deriving directly from the pandemic, Dancing Shapes captures both resilient hope and the power of imagination. It shares the important, inclusive message that anyone, anywhere, can use the transformative power of their imaginations the way that professional dancers do, to improve their lives. Everyone can explore movement creatively and imaginatively. Some basic ballet positions are described and shown in pictures, with visual and mental imagery to help young dancers understand the qualitative feelings of the positions. The variety appeals to different skill levels and anyone who enjoys dance will appreciate the beautiful photos.

With constant support and innovative descriptions that will spark imaginations, Konora invites readers to share the joy of dancing. A superb tool for young dancers, with gorgeous pictures that will inspire young dancers to imitate.