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Julie Clemons and Curt Molten at Art Source Gallery

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Long-time gallery visitors will recognize the work of Julie Clemons and Curt Molten, two former members who have returned to show at the Grove Street location. Clemons is a painter whose brightly colored oil stick works are instantly recognizable and Molten is a wood-worker whose bowls and turned-wood sculptures beg to be touched.

In her paintings, Clemons interprets the endless colors and shapes of the landscape, the sky, and “the roiling, boiling, chunky soup in the middle of our planet.” Her work can move you, make you smile, or cause you to stop and take a closer look at the amazing natural shapes and colors around you. Clemons paints with oil sticks — oil paint in a stick pen. Because the drying time of oil sticks can be less than traditional oil paint, she builds complex texture relatively quickly and creates multi-layered and visually complex work.

Curt Molten built submarines and aircraft carriers for the US Navy, then moved on to small wooden boats using traditional designs and modern construction techniques. Today he creates items for everyday life–coaxing out the natural beauty of the wood’s grain and color. Molten often combines more than one type of wood to build pleasing and intricate shapes such as turned wood bowls, sawed and fabricated boxes, or a witty stacked cairn made of various woods and colors.

Art Source Gallery is a collaborative of nearly 50 artists in all media, located at 1516 W. Grove St. in Boise’s Linen District. The gallery is open Monday-Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm, with an Annex on Concourse B open to all ticketed passengers at Boise Airport. For more information call 208-331-3374, or visit the website