CrowdCast - Stacey Guill - The Stone House in the Canon

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  • Tuesday, Aug 4, 2020 7:00-8:00


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Join authors Stacey Guill and Rick Just as they discuss Stacey's book, The Stone House in the Canon: Mary Hallock Foote and a Vision of Home in the West.

In 1884 Mary Hallock Foote, renowned writer and illustrator, left her home and family in the East and followed her husband, Arthur De Wint Foote, a respected mining and civil engineer, to Boise, Idaho. Arthur had a vision of creating a canal system which would one day serve to irrigate the entire Boise Valley. This is the true story of the beautiful home in the rugged Boise River Cañon that the couple built and lived in from 1885-1889.

"And there are thousands like us! If there never had been there would be no great West."- Mary Hallock Foote

Stacey Guill is a 25 year resident of Boise Idaho. She received her Masters in English from Boise State University in 2002 and her PhD in Literature and Criticism from Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 2006. Her dissertation is entitled "Ernest Hemingway and The Spanish Earth: Art, Politics and War." Along with various publications focused on Ernest Hemingway, Dr. Guill is also involved in helping with efforts to bring public awareness to an historical site in the Boise ​River Canyon. Her book, entitled The Stone House in the Cañon​, relates the story of the pioneer home that once existed on this site.