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A Macabre History of Boise: A Walking Tour

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What is a town?

​It’s many things, but more than anything, it’s a reflection of our needs and wants…necessities and desires.

If we want to learn about the character of Boise City during any given time dating back to 1863, then we must focus on the people…not solely on the upper-class founders of the city or the politicians…

​…No, one must focus on the everyday sorts…including the misunderstood, misrepresented, and the vile!

In the past, Boise has been painted as a cozy and orderly town where ambitious pioneers prospered despite the isolation of their settlement.

​This, in some ways, is true.

​Yet there are gritty, sordid, and tragic elements to Boise’s past, often subtracted from the historical narrative.

Today, I will lead you on a tour focusing on the darker side of Boise’s formative years…

​I will present to you, fans of history, the habitually left out, the cast aside, and the macabre aspects of Boise’s formative years.

Take note! What is true of Boise’s past is equally true of America’s.