Valley Regional Transit EV Bus

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BYD 35 ft bus, similar to the model VRT will be receiving.  

•    Valley Regional Transit’s long commitment to using alternative fuel to power its ValleyRide bus fleet will be taking a new turn in 2021 with the introduction of fully electric buses to its fleet.

•    VRT staff are currently negotiating a contract with California-based Proterra to purchase 12 battery-powered, full-size electric buses. They will be 35-foot or 40-foot vehicles.

•    The electric buses will replace CNG–powered buses that are or will be past their useful life.

•    If all goes well, four electric buses will be delivered to Valley Regional Transit in February 2021, four in November 2021 and four in early 2022. 

“Valley Regional Transit is dedicated to delivering exceptional service to its citizens and supporting livable, healthy and sustainable communities. Electric buses help us meet these goals. Battery-electric buses are better for the environment and offer a better rider experience for our community, and we’re excited to be working with Proterra to bring the first electric buses to Idaho.”
-Kelli Badesheim, Executive Director at VRT.

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