Shopping? Dining? Visiting? Downtown Boise has plenty of parking options that are affordable, safe and convenient.

Making a Quick Trip? On-Street Parking Meters First 20 Minutes Free!

If you need to park for 10 minutes to an hour or two, on-street parking may be your best bet. The City of Boise operates downtown parking meters. Downloading the Parkmobile app will help you easily manage your meter. Click here for everything you need to know about on-street parking.

Planning to Stay a Little Longer? ParkBOI Garages First Hour Free!

If your plans mean being downtown for longer than two hours, a surface lot or garage is your best option. Garages and surface parking lots are conveniently located and a better price for a longer stay.  Click here for parking garage location and information.

You Have Options! Riding, Sharing & Biking into Downtown Boise

From bus routes, to ride shares, park & ride shuttles and bike share programs, options for you to get into and around Downtown Boise have never before been so easy. Click here for more!


Downtown Employee Parking

Downtown Boise has a variety of employee parking options, with variable rates depending on location and time of day. Check with your building manager for preferred options. Other options include:

Downtown Boise Association

101 S Capitol Blvd, Ste 203
Boise ID 83702  •  208-385-7300