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Tips For Charity 2022


Downtown Boise seeks applications from nonprofit organizations for its Tips for Charity Program to provide bar volunteers for the 35th season of the Alive After Five Concert Series to be held on The Grove Plaza in June, July, and August 2022.


Tips for Charity 2022

Downtown Boise selection committee will choose three non-profit organizations to serve for 2-3 events each in exchange for bar tips.

Organizations who have participated in past years are not guaranteed to be chosen but are still encouraged to apply. Applicants will not be considered differently based off years of previous participation.

Prior to applying, please view this document with the details of what each non-profit organization is responsible for and must be able to supply to qualify.

If your non-profit meets the criteria and you are interested in volunteering, please submit in writing a Letter of Application to Downtown Boise no later than 4 pm MST March 4, 2022 that includes the following criteria:

  • Name, address, and website address of organization.
  • Contact information including lead coordinator(s) name, email, and cell phone number.
  • Organization’s mission and a brief background.
  • Nonprofit designation (i.e., 501(c)3) and IRS Form W9.
  • Your commitment to provide the minimum number of volunteers and a lead coordinator for each event, per details outlined on page one.
  • Note any Wednesdays in June, July, or August 2022 that your organization would not be available and if you would prefer 2 or 3 events.
  • Tell us how your organization’s selection for the Tips for Charity Program will benefit our local community and how you will promote your presence at Alive After Five. Include if and how you would utilize the optional booth space provided at each event.

We look forward to another successful season of Alive After Five and the opportunity to provide your organization with funding and exposure.

*The health and safety of our community remains our top priority, all 2022 events dependent on local COVID-19 guidelines.