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Sustainable Transportation Solutions Utilizing Clean Energy Technologies:
Boise State is employing clean energy transportation technologies wherever data and metrics support changing from conventional powered vehicles to hybrid or electric powered vehicles.

Boise State fleet consists of a variety of sustainable clean energy vehicles, including all electric and hybrid models.

These vehicles are used in several Boise State departments including Security, Maintenance, Custodial, Public Safety, IT, HVAC  and Environmental health Services and Sustainability. 

Current Models in use:
•    E Ride Electric Service Trucks:  Four 
•    Golf Cars Electric:  Twelve
•    GEM (Global Electric Motors) Electric:  Three 
•    Nissan Leaf Electric Sedan:  One 
•    Ford Fusion Hybrid sedan:  One
•    Honda Insight Hybrid sedan:  One

This is approximately 14% of our current fleet.

Boise State’s goal is to have 25-30 percent of the fleet powered using sustainable clean energy technologies by the year 2030. These goals are under constant consideration, as manufacturers provide more options; Boise State may be able to exceed these goals.

Please contact Boise State Fleet Services at fleetshop@boisestate or call 208-426-3592 

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