(C043) 1958 Ford F100 Panel Truck

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Michael Lawson - Kuna, ID

223 - 6 cyl, 3 spd trans - all original drive-train.
Ford produced 6,560 standard cab panel trucks in 1958, This is one 592 Custom Cab Panel trucks produced that year.
58 was the last year of the humptop design they built this design for just two years.

This truck isn't even close to what I was looking for before buying it. I was looking for a mid 60's or older pick up. I wanted a 55-59 Chevy Apache half ton short box step side. I seen this panel for sale and went to go look at it for just grins and giggles. Pfft. Then I had to have it. It was different than most vehicles you see in a car show or just going down the road. I've made a few cosmetic changes with the exterior and did a complete custom restore on the interior. My wife and mother-n-law insisted I should go purple. Purple pops off the orange. It's been a lot of fun and it grabs lots of attention every where it goes.

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