Liyah Babayan - Liminal

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  • Tuesday, Jul 23, 2019 7:00pm-8:30pm


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Liminal, a glimpse into America's refugee experience. Discover the space-time of a fragmented identity with a teenage Armenian refugee. As a young (zero-generation) Armenian refugee living and assimilating into dominant American culture, I share my experiences growing up in America, from my refugees perspective. Surviving violence in Baku, adversity and homelessness in Armenia and prejudice in while assimilating in America, my memoir is a celebration of the enduring human spirit, and my parents duty and love for our family. From tragedy to triumph, Liminal, a refugee memoir, is a journey of empowerment and acceptance, and appreciation for life after violence and chaos. Liminal is also a guide to anyone facing adversity, especially on refugees starting a life in America, as in adversity we all are challenged to piece back our fragmented identity.