Downtown Boise Economic Data

Downtown Boise is where modern urban amenities mix with small town charm. A place where passersby still greet strangers with a smile, and offer visitors recommendations on the best bites or patio spots. Where connectivity to commerce coexists with vibrant cultural experiences and access to efficient entertainment.

Because with a river literally running through it, and a trail system that starts steps off the sidewalk, the lunch ride, stroll or cast is within a pedal, pace or paddle from your office or urban home. The curb appeal encompasses locally-owned boutiques, diverse dining spots, arts and culture venues, corporate headquarters and havens for entrepreneurs. Because here it is not about how work and life balance, but how work and life integrate seamlessly.

While Boise's 150-years of urban history are evident on every block of our walkable core - business leaders, city dwellers and designers have an eye on the future. Downtown is on the cusp of welcoming a gleaming new interactive creative center, hundreds of new housing units, a multi-modal center, expanded convention center and new corporate headquarters.

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Downtown Boise Association

101 S Capitol Blvd, Ste 203
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